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    What is it that Makes T-Girls so Intriguing?


    The T Girl fascination has been around for quite awhile. We are mythical Goddesses with fascinating parts. The interesting thing about a T-Girl is our attention to detail. Everything is put together to make it all work. We live the lifestyle to the fullest when we dress and fuss for hours on our makeup. This is our reality. We become more of a woman than a woman does. We tend to achieve perfection as we emulate a woman. Often we are preferred over women because of our obsessive desire to be one. We perfect the beauty and the grace. You’ll never see any of us in sweat pants, even in pink. We are dressed to kill.

    Men often prefer us because in a more submissive nature, we love to please the cock. In a dominant sense we are dramatic and know how to use that paddle. The D/s scene is fun for us because we can switch from dominatrix garb to a sweet sexy college girl. We adore being the capricious missy girl. Don’t get us wrong though, we are strong and capable to say no and use boundaries for what we want and need.

    What we need and love the most are boys, guys, or men who admire our beauty and our courage to stand up for our beliefs and needs. Doormats we are not. We love to be worshiped and respected for the Goddesses we are. We love cock and we love your cock. We know how to please, tease and seduce you with our beauty and attention to it. We are experts in the art of seduction, the sector of drama queens if you will. Creative is the best description, and honest to a fault. All around the world we are admired by many types of people.

    It’s all about the Cock


    Many heterosexual men are often cock curious but the fact that the cock is attached to a man is a turnoff for them because they do not consider themselves to be gay. They like t-girls because they have that cock they’ve been curious about but it’s attached to a feminine body that turns them on.

    Are you cock curious but not attracted to other men in the least? It’s much easier to give in to that cock curiosity with a t-girl. Think about it; pretty, feminine, all the right curves, and a cock. It’s a win-win!